An Altar Ritual To Bring Your Intentions To Life — Just In Time For Tonight's New Moon

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This new moon, which occurred during the wee hours of Friday, July 13, is also a partial solar eclipse. As the moon falls into the domain of caring, nurturing Cancer, an aspect of our emotional life could also be falling into place.

As we begin this new cycle together, ask yourself what is arising behind the scenes for you. What do you feel in your gut? Whatever it is, don't ignore it. Instead, make extra quiet time to just sit and listen.

This is important because the upcoming new moon falls directly opposite Pluto—the planet that rules transformation and personal power. The portal that this new moon is opening has the potential to help you shift a fundamental block, a core wounding that has kept you playing small. The upcoming new moon and eclipse also come as we're easing into Leo season, which officially starts on July 23. It's a time to fuel your fire and connect with your playful inner child.

This transit is the perfect time to use a personal altar to depict some of your biggest, boldest intentions. The goals you set now may be supercharged with energy from la luna, so think big.

An altar ritual for the new moon:

1. Turn off your phone. Put on some tunes that evoke the spirit of what you want to evoke in this cycle. Connect to your breath, either with a mindful meditation or a breathwork exercise.

2. Take out your journal and reflect on the following questions:

  • What visual reminders would allow you to access your deepest dreams this month?
  • How would people describe you when you were a kid? (This is a good one to ask your family if you need some inspo.) What part of this inner child doesn’t get to play much?
  • What has been weighing on your heart and mind lately? And what intentions could you make in regards to it?
  • What physical items are going to be your visual reminders of the life you are working toward this month?
  • Where in your life could you use a dose of firepower?

3. Based on your answers to these questions, find a few objects, items, or pictures to place on your altar. This can live anywhere: a bedside table, a windowsill, etc.

4. Be sure at least one of these items exudes the essence of Leo season: Whether it is an image of a lion, a political activist you love, or the sun—find something that taps you into your own inner fire.

5. Continue to add objects until you have a kind of "visual prescription" for this cycle. Every time you look at this altar in the coming weeks, it can remind you of who you are becoming, what you are learning, and what you are reclaiming.

6. Take a moment to place every object down with love. State your intentions with each one: "May this sunflower bring me a bright spirit and inspire me to stand tall and face toward the sun, proud and alive!" Or "May this image of my Grandma cooking remind me of the magic in the simple things in life."

7. Let these visual intentions live through you this week and throughout the rest of this moon cycle (the next new moon falls on August 11). Be sure to look at your altar before bed so its messages can flow into your sleep, and reaffirm them first thing in the morning. Every time you look at it, let it be a reminder of your intentions to write a new story for your life.

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