SENSORY 7 Light and Sound Therapy

It all started with a superbly targeted instagram post. I was scrolling through my feed and I came across and ad for chakra work on a crystal bed at the Modrn Sactuary. After a busy holiday market season and with the winter solstice just days away, I felt like I needed an energetic tune up. I was tired, and I knew I needed to get my temple right, so I called an booked an appointment.


It was a stormy evening when I stepped off the elevator into a swankily furnished, dimly lit lounge. Soft music played and an aroma of lemongrass filled the air. As I made my way to the check-in desk, I spotted their exceptionally merchandised gift shop stocked with countless tempting goodies. After informal hellos and a thorough examination of their crystal offerings, I reluctantly looked away, and followed the girl at the front desk down a long hallway to the Sensory 7 room.  


The Sensory 7 is an immersive experience that combines seven healing modalities into one treatment for rapid rejuvenation. And upon entering the room I started to feel slightly nervous. The girl from the front desk asked me if I was familiar with energetic medicine - which I replied yes - and pushed a color coated paper towards me instructing me to choose which chakra I'd like to work on. As soon as I looked at the paper, the yellow block symbolizing the solar plexus vibrating at 528HZ seemed to jump off the page. When I looked closer at the definition it read: Transformation & Miracles: Love and DNA repair believed to bring about miracles. Just what I needed.

I climbed onto the table, Labradorite palm stone in hand, and I didn't know what to expect. The girl from the front desk adjusted the crystals suspended over each chakra, handed me an eye cover and some headphones, and told me to relax. She left the room and I began to hear nature sounds and a melodic women's voice. At first I was unable to relax or focus on anything really. I was much to curious about the pulsating colored light engulfing the point crystals hovering inches from my being. All of a sudden, all of the hairs on my body stood up, and I smiled to myself; I guess it's starting. I then placed the Labraorite palm stone on my third eye, and my experience began to get progressively more bizarre.

I felt as though the crystal on my forehead was vibrating, through my skin. After a minute or so I shifted the crystal to my right hand, still vibrating, to see if there would be a difference. As I did this I began feeling as though there was a piece of string attached to the center of my forehead, that was being tugged gently. Then I began to feel the same sensation but from the mile of my brain, and out through the top of my head. Finally, a third energetic string manifested itself from the center back of my head and simultaneously I felt that all of them were being pulled straight. At the same time, my body felt as though it was enveloped in a energy cocoon. An artificial womb if you will, an I began to relax more.

Soon I began to have a lot of strong emotions ranging from frustration and guilt to sadness and anxiety. And just as suddenly as the feelings arrived, they disappeared and the melodic female voice returned to let me know the experience was over. The strangest part was, as I climbed off the bed I felt as though I had been in a sauna or a hot tub. I felt open and vulnerable so I slipped on my black Tourmaline ring and activated my protective light bubble. As I left the Modrn Sanctuary out onto the crowded New York street, I felt as though I was moving in slow motion. 

That night I had three extremely vivid dreams, awaking with a jolt each time. On the fourth time I jumped out of my sleep, my solar plexus region of my stomach was sweating profusely and I assumed this was another level of emotional purging. The next day, I woke up feeling more relaxed and grounded then I had felt in a long time. Even my clients noticed. Weirdly enough, I also felt taller, as if my posture had somehow been affecting during the work. I will definitely be back to work on my other chakras,  as I did see a positive effect from the treatment.

So the treatment included:

1. Binaural Beats & Sound Therapy
Binaural beats are sounds played at two specific frequencies that have been shown to organize brain waves and balance the mind. Maybe this explains the 'tightening strings' sensation.

2.Vibration Therapy
There are two transducers built into the biomat underneath you. These transducers create a vibration that plays along with the binaural beats, opening the body to heal and realign. Perhaps this is where the cacoon sensation came from.

3. Vogel-Cut Quartz Crystals
Our seven Vogel-cut quartz crystals receive the frequencies produced by our frequency generator. The UV laser and magnetic energy from the coil in the holder cancel each other out once they interact, this is how scalar energy is generated. What is left in its place is the scalar energy field...TESLA ENERGY! It is then focused through the Vogel-cut crystals and into the energy vortexes/chakras. 

4. Frequency Generator     
Our machine produces frequencies. Everything has a frequency. The earth has a frequency, every illness has a frequency, even we have frequencies that can all be measured. The generator can produce frequencies that will harmonize the body. Thereby, allowing for a healing environment within you and cellular rejuvenation. 

5. LED Lights & Chromatherapy
The LED lights generate light from the complete visible spectrum. Chromatherapy is a treatment that uses colors to adjust the vibrational frequencies in the body in order to result in health and harmonization. Each color emits a frequency related to a specific vibration. Each vibration is said to help alleviate different physical symptoms. Chromatherapy works on several energy points within the body to re-establish its natural balance.

6. Magnetic
The mobius coil is generating a collapsing magnetic field. The mobius coils are hand-wrapped and embedded in the Vogel holders. You can't easily see them, but your body can feel them. The Mobius coils create a magnetic scalar component to the system and are vital in sending quantum magnetic pulses into the bio-dynamic field for cellular rejuvenation and overall feeling of wellbeing. i believe this is why I felt like I had been in a sauna.

7 Biomat
The Biomat is a thermo-electrotherapeutic device for enhancing your immune system by generating far infrared rays and negative ion production (from Tourmaline). Negative ions produced by the biomat will be absorbed into your body through your skin and your breath.

Thereby increasing cellular metabolism, enhancing your vitality, reduce the pain, and distribute various nutrients and energy throughout your body. They will also cleanse the blood and have a tranquilizing effect. Far-infrared rays are heat-generating electromagnetic waves that penetrate the body further than traditional heating pads. 

This allows for reduced inflammation and pain from joint stiffness & sore muscles. It serves a very physical benefit. The heat these far-infrared rays produce, in turn warm the amethyst & tourmaline crystals, which is what enables them to emit negative ions.


1. Drink Water.

2. Figure out which chakra you want to work on: I found it a tad bazar that  the girl didn't discuss anything regarding this with me as far as what I was experiencing, why I was there, which would be the best chakra to start with. Research your symptoms and which chakra it relates to. Or book an energy reading with me and I can assist !

3. Bring a crystal.

4. Take an uber home, if you can.

5. Write down all the dreams you have. They are messages.


I hope this was insightful, inspirational and at the very least entertaining for all you sacred beings out there!


Love & Light,


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