At Mariya Kelly we create wearable art and temple adornments for sacred women. Sacred women believe we must dress consciously and be mindful of the colors we choose to wear for they ultimately keep us balanced. Drawing inspiration from energy healing and chromotherapy, our aesthetic exudes a new age glam feel influenced by North Indian Art, Caribbean color schemes and a 1970’s spirit. All collections are ethically sourced and manufactured in New York City.

The Mariya Kelly brand was originally manifested as a creative expression of the change the founder, Mariya Kelly, wished to see in the apparel industry; an industry that soulfully creates fashion that is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Fashion that personifies the women that make it their style.

Our vision is to bring the fashion industry more balance through conscious design, sustainable processes, and authenticity through diversity. Collectively we elevate our frequency through the sacred ritual of getting dressed.