Color Therapy

Art: Mariano Peccinetti

Color therapy and healing (also known as chromotherapy or light therapy) is a type of holistic healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and color to affect a person’s mood and physical or mental health. Each color falls into a specific frequency and vibration, which many believe contribute to specific properties that can be used to affect the energy and frequencies within our bodies.

Our body has a total of seven chakras and to work through these involves working through the rainbow of colors, each of which is represented in a chakra. These pure spectral colors can be used to influence our energy and our senses to balance our mind, body, and soul. These colors can be incorporated with jewelry like crystals and/or clothing to benefit the wearer, however clothing has an extra edge as our clothes have a large area of direct contact with the skin.

While it is common knowledge that light enters through our eyes, it’s important to note that light can also enter through our skin. Given the unique  and vibrations of various colors, people believe that certain colors entering the body can activate hormones causing chemical reactions within the body, then influencing emotion and enabling the body to heal.

Colors are known to have an effect on people with brain disorders or people with emotional troubles. Alternative therapies also believe that a person’s aura contains different layers of light which can be used for cleansing and balancing. Knowing the colors in your aura can help you better understand your spirit, and thus help you better understand how to heal. Additionally, the colors surrounding you can also have various effects.


Clothing doesn’t just have aesthetic aspects but also serves as protection for us and it represents our intellectual, moral and spiritual orientation. The seven energies present in our bodies at the seven chakra locations are symbolized by these 7 colors.

  1. Muladhara chakra or root chakra: Placed below the spine, this Chakra is near your sexual organs and it’s represented by the color red. This Chakra is responsible for our sexuality, agility, courage, security and fight abilities. Our sense of smell is related to this earth element/energy body.
  2. Svadystana chakra or Khaji: If you place a few fingers below your navel that’s where this chakra is located and it’s represented by the color orange. This Chakra helps with the ability to deal with fear and anxiety, have humility, give love and be of service to others. This chakra regulates our sense of taste and its element is water.
  3. Manipura chakra or solar plexus: Located at a few fingers distance above the navel this Yellow colored Chakra regulates our sense of sight and its element is fire. It helps us develop our wisdom, and abilities to communicate with friends and understand others. This energy center gives heat and is linked to our self-esteem and happiness.
  4. Anahata chakra or heart: Represented by the color green, this chakra controls our sense of touch and the emotions of giving and receiving love, self-help, compassion, and respect for oneself and others. This Chakra can be found in the middle of the chest.
  5. Visuddha chakra or throat: The throat chakra influences our voice sense and helps us become steadfast. It creates in us the desire to create peace and determines the nature of our relationships with others. It also influences our creativity and inventiveness in speech. It’s symbolized by the color blue.
  6. Ajna chakra or forehead: It’s located between the eyebrows and the color purple is used to represent it. This Chakra creates stability and helps us harmonize the universe and turn our dreams into reality. Its help is directed towards illumination. It’s in the center of the body which commands our mind and turns our thoughts into actions.
  7. Sahasrara chakra or crown: This energy center is on the top of our head and is responsible for our understanding of the world and to advance our knowledge and wisdom. The Chakra is represented by the color white and it helps us make sense of our spirituality. When fully utilized through activities like meditation this Chakra becomes the most powerful energy source for humans and aligns our internal and external stressors.