Crystal Energy Readings


I use crystals and chromotherapy to identify blockages and under-activity within the energy body. Based on ones energetic needs, I design a one of a kind talisman for energetic support. 

Anyone looking to strengthen their aura and expand their awareness to energetic medicine can benefit from a crystal energy reading. These readings are particularly useful for times of transition. Talismans can be created for any ailment, however the most popular are:
- Prosperity & Abundance
- Psychic Self Defense
- Spiritual Practice
- Meditation
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Peace & Blessings Sacred beings,

My name is Mariya Kelly, also known as The Style Alchemist. I am a Moorish American fashion entrepreneur and connector at the intersections of fashion, holistic wellness, and culture. I began this journey battling depression, and various other physical manifestations of dis-ease, which resulted in my mission to collect and apply knowledge that would help purify my body temple to be a conduit of healing and abundance. Naturally, I began to equate this ideology to fashion. The idea of strengthening the aura and balancing the energy of the seven chakra centers using crystals and color therapy inspired me to create soulfully designed accessories that channel confidence and healing to the wearer.